15 February 2007

On Snow (Again)

Well, I've learned my lesson. Apparently the gods decided to smite me for complaining about the icy sidewalks by delivering us a whale of a snowstorm yesterday. I'd estimate that between a foot and a foot and a half fell, most of it heavy and wet. Some departments at the university even closed – including the Institute of Foreign Languages, after the first two periods of the day. And then they felt the need to turn off the water in the dormitory. I think the city just does that kind of thing to remind us that they have us under their thumb.

Since I actually really like snow (a sure sign that I haven't spent enough time driving in snow yet), this wouldn't have been much of a punishment, but upon returning from the one class I managed to teach before we closed, I promptly fell ill with one of those cold/flu things that makes you feel dizzy and light-headed and makes your skin ache. So I didn't even get to enjoy the snow! But today I feel a little better, and the snow will probably be around for a very long time, anyway.

Also, I got this cold remedy from a Russian friend over the phone, but I didn't try it because I didn't have any of the ingredients on hand (no, not even the vodka... for shame, Leslie), and because I think there's another tablespoon of something that I've forgotten:

1 Tbsp. raspberry jam
1 Tbsp. honey
1 Tbsp. vodka

Mix all ingredients in a cup of hot water; drink. Then wrap yourself in a blanket and lie in bed to let the cold sweat itself out of you.

My friend, practicing her English on me, said, "I used this remedy and I got better two weeks after I fell ill." But I think she must have meant "days" – she gets a little flustered when she tries to speak English over the phone. Either that or it's a really, really ineffective remedy.

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Katie said...

I have a similar recipe for a hot toddy, which I learned in Scotland: honey, lemon juice and single malt whisky (probably about a tablespoon of each, though the measurements weren't that precise) in hot water. Does wonders for me :)