10 March 2008

Russian Music Plug/Giveaway

For Women's Day on Saturday, I went to a concert that one of my new students this semester invited me to. It was put on by a group called Птица тылобурдó/Ptitsa tyloburdó, and I ended up really liking them. They're a group of six women from Izhevsk, the capital of the Udmurt Republic, which is a region to the northeast of Moscow.

It's sort of hard to describe their music – they do some traditional Udmurt chants, some other ethnicky music (Russian, Finnish, Russian ethnic minorities), and lot of what they call "ethno-jazz," which I guess isn't a bad description. Much of the latter is based on the poetry of local bards. (A "bard" in the contemporary Russian sense is a poet-songwriter.) They use a lot of interesting percussion instruments, as well as hammered dulcimer, mandolin, bass guitar, and various members of the wood flute/ocarina/recorder family.

Anyway, I ended up getting their cds, and they accidentally gave me two copies of one of them (Пух и перья, their first album), so now I have one to give away! I'm a poor judge of what music people will like, so instead of just making a guess and sending the cd to a friend, I'll provide links to their music:

Птица тылобурдо on last.fm
Птица тылобурдо on poslushai.ru

and you, faithful reader or happenstance blog visitor, can let me know if you're interested. Maybe I'll think of some kind of contest to determine which of the interested parties (and I'm sure there'll be hundreds) gets the cd.

And for those of you who read Russian (or don't read Russian, but like looking at pictures), their website is here.


Mike S said...

Listening to the stuff on Poslushai now. At this point I'm intrigued - I think their traditional stuff is much better than their "ethno-jazz," though I'll wait to hear it on better speakers than on my laptop's to really judge.

If nobody else really really wants it, I'd definitely be interested. I'll listen some more and decide if I really really want it myself :).

Mike said...

sounds intriguing. sorry mike s, but i'd like to express my interest as well.