24 March 2008

Checking in

Yikes, almost a week since my last post! Sorry about that. I'll post something soon.

This is just to say that right now, I love the South. +19 (66F) today, and I got a text message from Amara up north that started with, "So the short-lived but fierce blizzard that we got while I was in the internet cafe..." I'm not anti-winter, but I was struck today by how happy the warm weather makes me feel, and how unpleasant the idea of still having snow on the ground sounds.

I hope it's similarly spring-like wherever you are! And happy (late) Easter to all who celebrated!


Mike said...

I forgot to mention during our conversation today that I started my day with a 4 mile run...it was 30F outside and I had to dodge plowed mounds of frozen, muddy snow. Ah, Lake Shore Drive.

Celine said...

spring, huh? I'm jealous. I skipped spring. How does 40 Celsius sound to you? Thank the lord for airconditioning...
Enjoy your spring!