09 January 2008

Just Saying...

So I'm planning this trip up north, and out of curiosity I decided to check the weather. What did I find?

It's warmer in both Petrozavodsk (-7 C/19 F) and Murmansk (-2 C/28 F) than it is here (-11 C/12 F)! And the forecasted highs for both places continue to outstrip ours for the next ten days. (Let me remind you that Murmansk is above the Arctic Circle.) Looks like I'll be warming up on this trip!

I'm not really complaining - since the wind shifted here, my apartment is a lot warmer, and I don't have to go outside all that much. And now everyone who was worrying in the fall that the "cold" Southern winter would shock my poor American system (in America, you see, we have only sun and palm trees) is busy assuring me that they haven't had a winter this cold in years and years. That makes me feel a little better about my shock at how cold it really is here.

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