16 August 2007

Chapter 2, Verse 1

Hello, dear reader! Welcome to the second chapter of my life in Russia. I tried my best to make this look convincingly like a second chapter of the blog (by changing the color scheme and the title), but Blogger was not very accommodating of my desire to separate the chapters by archiving all the old Vladivostok posts and retaining the old formatting for them. Oh well; that's what I get for not being computer savvy.

Right, so I'm going to go finish packing (uuuuuugh). I'll try to post from Russia soon!


Vlad said...

"I'll try to post from Russia soon!"
As I know, Ulan Ude is Russia too. Well, what did you mean?

Leslie said...

Yes, of course Ulan Ude is in Russia! But I was at home in the United States when I wrote that.