06 December 2006

Still alive, and I don't think I turned into a zombie...

Since various people asked me to let them know how the surgery went, I will start by posting this to say that the surgery went well and I'm still alive. It was all just fine except the IV they put in my hand, which inexplicably freaked me out beyond belief. (There was even a moment, sitting there waiting to go into surgery and unable to think about anything but the IV, when I wondered whether anyone's ever gone insane from having an IV in their hand.) But they moved it to my arm because it wasn't flowing right in my hand, and that was better. Times a million.

That's all I'll write for now because I'm drowsy from Percocet and worn out in general. Peace out, dudes.

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Vardit said...

Hope your healing period is super-speedy! Keep us posted on how things go.