01 December 2006

еще новости!

A brief update from my doctor's appt. this morning:

I'll be getting surgery (outpatient - yay - with general anesthesia - boo) next Tuesday evening. The doctor confirmed that my fibula has a hairline fracture, which will heal on its own. The tibial plateau fracture is worse than they thought, though - there's about 8-10 mm of displacement rather than the 3-4 mm they were guessing from the x-ray. Yikes. This means that I will have a bone graft that actually IS a graft. Of bone. From a CADAVER. I have the option of getting the graft from my own hip instead, but I think I'd rather not have more incisions than are strictly necessary. However, the cadaver-bone carries with it a one in a million risk of hepatitis and a one in 1.5 million risk of HIV. A little scary.

My favorite part of the appointment was the following, although I think the random med student who was shadowing the doctor was the only one who thought it was humorous. Ouch. Guess my funny bone's broken?

Doctor: Now, there are risks involved in accepting grafts from cadavers.
me: You mean like turning into a zombie?

To make this post at least a little Russia-related, isn't the Litvinenko poisoning story creepy?


Denise said...

i lol'd at that.

Katie said...

Hey, the zombie apocolypse is nothing to laugh at. Do you have a plan? (I do!)

Lisa said...

I always assumed the funny bone was the humorus.
I'm done. Sorry.

Good luck w/the surgery. I'm sure I'll talk to you before then. *hugs*

<3, L