20 October 2006

The new hair...

Because I'm short on internet time, I'll refrain from commenting and just give you the pictures.

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and After
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Edit: ok, I caved and bought more internet time (addicted? maybe...). So I will offer the following commentary:

First, the second picture is not entirely representative of the new 'do, since I took it right after I had it cut, and of course the stylist did all that blow-drying and combing and gel stuff that they always do. I own neither a blow-dryer nor gel, so it never looks quite like this, but it looks ok nonetheless.

Second, what do you think? I'm still not sure how I feel about it, but I think I like it. For one, I look a bit older, and as Boris Sergeevich reminded me, that's still a good thing when you're 22. (Someday I should write an entry about Boris Sergeevich.) For another, one of the reasons I cut it is because with long hair I just put it into a ponytail or a clip all the time anyway, because I didn't like the way it looked when it was down. The stylist, however, was adamantly opposed to me cutting it short and kept trying to convince me that long hair was better (two things she kept saying were, "Long hair is so much more feminine!" and "Won't you miss having long hair?" (That is, вам не жаль? which I understand to mean something like that, although it may actually mean "Won't you regret it?")). This was a little weird, since she herself had short hair. (Dyed brassy blonde, for a change from the typical maroon.)

Also, my hair is at least twice as fluffy now as it's ever been before, which is exciting and a little weird (I have thin hair, so when it's long it lies pretty flat).


Anonymous said...

Wow ... just, wow! I think it looks awesome! And yes, I understand that it never again looks quite like this, as those who style it with two hands, a blow-dryer and various other tools -- not to mention talent --alsways do much better than those of us who basically know how to put in a part and then comb it.

I never would have guessed that you would cut it that short, but it's fine by me. You go, girl!

love, MomCat

Mike S said...

Я честно скажу, обычно короткие волосы мне не очень нравятся, но в этом случае я согласен с твоей мамой - выглядит хорошо. Периодический, я думаю не плохо что-то такое изменить.

Yeah, so I never get to write in Russian. I really like the new 'do, I think it looks great.

I'll see about dropping you an email sometime (in Russian!).. not just to catch up, but maybe to get some more writing in.. :)

Lisa said...

Tiy tak krasivaya!

I think it's a good look for you - it's a "mature" style. I've thought about cutting mine short, but I'm going to hold onto my long-ish hair a while longer. :-)

Miss you!

<3, L

mchan said...

Wow! It looks great!

Anonymous said...

pom pom!

first, i got your email and a more detailed answer is on its way soon.

second, you look AMAZING with the new do. i love love love it. i think it really shows off your pretty facial features and i love the side part/bangs thing you've got going on.

third, "vam ne zhal'" means literally "don't you have pity for it?" but more figuratively something like "aren't you sorry to see your hair go?" or "are you sure you want to do this, wouldn't you rather keep it?" to "zhalet'" a person is to pity them or to empathize with them, to "zhalet'" a thing is to be unwilling to give it away (often used, in extreme forms, to describe misers or ungenerous people). i could "zhalet'" my friend and that means i give him a hug when he tells me about his awful day, or i could "zhalet'" money for a film, as in choosing not to spend it. so while i'm not quite sure how to translate it directly into english, regret is not really in there. perhaps more like being sorry for it or preferring not to let it go.

anyway rock on, hot stuff!


Katie said...

Oh man!! It looks so good! I love it. I personally miss my long hair, but I think that's due in part to the fact that mine is such an intermediate length: too short to pull back but not long enough to do anything I'm used to doing with it.
But I'm a fan!
Woo! Hope all else is going well. We all miss you here, since this weekend is alumni weekend. Much love!

Rosa said...

Looks cute in a more mature way. Hooray!

e4emperor said...

OMG you look so awesome!