02 September 2006

Vladivostok, I'm yours.

Hello, world! In case anyone thought I was dead, I am not. See, for the last few days my only internet has been at a sketchy internet cafe where opening the Blogger site causes the computer to freeze. But now I'm at a different internet cafe where Blogger seems to work, but Gmail doesn't.

Anyway, I am in Vladivostok now, and have been since Thursday morning (Wednesday afternoon for most of you). I could tell you how things have been going, but suffice it to say that I'd rather not. Instead I think I'll just cross my fingers that they get better soon so I can give you a more favorable update.

Also, I would like to описать the city soon, since it's really interesting, but my internet time grows short, so that will have to wait for another post as well. For now I'll just call it a "post-Soviet Reykjavik" (that's a good thing) and leave it at that.



Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are looking up in Vladivostok, although there are computer problems to be solved. Let us know more about "post-Soviet Reykjavik" impressions -- I am interested in that comparison! Have a good week!!
-- MC

Anonymous said...

Post-Soviet Reykjavik? You mean there are trolls and $16 tacos? Who'd a thought?

Cобака Nапаа

denise said...

in post-soviet reykjavik, blog updates you...

(i am such a dork.)

Mike S. said...

Because I'm a huge ling dork -- I wonder, is it "описатъ" or "to описатъ?" I guess it depends on whether you treat "would like to" as an idiom, or decide that it's not and you have all the infinitiveness you want in the Russian.