25 September 2008

Guilt/nostalgia post

I feel really bad all of a sudden that I've just abandoned this blog. It would be nice to continue writing, but I'm not sure how realistic that is, since life is very busy at the moment. On the one hand, I'm sure I could make myself write something a couple of times a month, at least until I run out of backlogged stuff to say about Russia. On the other, I dislike infrequently-updated blogs as a matter of principle, and I don't particularly want to be the owner of one.

But then again, that sentiment itself is a bit outdated, since I appear to be the only person left in the world who checks the blogs she follows by clicking on them one by one from a bookmarked list. If my updates are fed directly to you by RSS (I'll come clean - I don't even know what RSS is. Yeah, I'll read about it sometime, but not until I'm done reading about Turkistan in 1916), why's it matter if I hardly ever update?


Anna-Martha said...

Hi Leslie!

I'll corroborate your conclusion and admit that yes, I do read blogs through a list at bloglines.com, which is easier than clicking through the blogs individually. and I would love to keep reading your backlog of Russia thoughts, no matter what frequency.

Happy reading!
(my current reading is "The Soul of Soil" :)

Celine said...

RSS? Oh dear...
Well, you have a very special place in my bookmarks list, but only because I don't know how to get an update when you have updated ;-)
I agree with Anna. Keep writing, no matter how often/seldom!

Diana said...

yup, I read my blogs with Google Reader, probably one of the easiest interfaces to use (you don't even have to deal with "RSS" stuff, you just put in the web address of the thing you're trying to follow and it'll find it for you most of the time). Mike Chan updated once in the last very long time...and I was sort of scared when it came up in my reader because I had never seen it before and I didn't remember subscribing, but yay for rss readers.