31 July 2008

Горы, солнце, пихты, песни и тайги / Mountains, sun, fir trees, songs, and the taiga

I doubt anyone uses this blog to check up on whether I'm alive or not, but in case you were wondering, I am.

I'm in Moscow now and am starting my extended leave of absence from Russia (a.k.a. moving home for grad school) on Saturday. I think if I could really grasp that I'm leaving, I'd be crying a lot, but happily for myself and everyone else, I only sort of half-grasp it, so I just kind of mope around. We'll see what Saturday morning is like, though.

Siberia (the reason for my extended silence) was AMAZING. The risk that I will run away and live on the shores of Baikal forever is now even higher than it was last year after Ulan Ude. I have tons of impressions from the trip (do we say that in English? I feel like maybe only Russians and Americans who have been in Russia for too long say that), which unfortunately makes it hard to write about, but I promise that I will. And there will be pictures. :)

But for now, I'm off on a little pilgrimage (read: two stops on the metro) to Patriarch's Ponds, the setting for the opening scene of Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita," which I finished reading yesterday... in Russian. It's the longest work I've read in Russian so far, at 413 pages. Gold star for me!


Celine said...

Leslie! So it's finally over, your Russia-adventure... I hope you will enjoy gradschool equally, although obviously it will be completely different.
Let me know if you have a stop in the Netherlands (or Belgium, for that matter)? Maybe we could catch up. Otherwise, I will probably be in D.C. for a couple of days before the end of the year, so maybe we can see each other there.
Careful on the grasping-part, we don't want you crying too much!

Anna-Martha said...

Holy smokes! You read Master and Margarita in Russian?! When I tried to read it, I couldn't tell when it was the book that was strange, and when it was my bad Russian leading me astray. Two gold stars for you!

Anonymous said...

Welcome bank from Siberia! I hope the snow and bitter cold wasn't too bad (oh, wait, that's just the American misimpression of Siberia).



Anonymous said...

Oops! I meant "back".


^uza said...

I think we say "memories" not "impressions". :-)
When will you be back in CWA? I miss you!