11 November 2007

While sitting here wondering why the call from Martha Stewart inviting me to co-author a cookbook hadn't come yet, it occurred to me that there's one thing most good food blogs have that mine doesn't have... Thanks to Julia for that second link!

If your first thought was, "a good cook," you are correct! But you're also a smart aleck. What I was thinking of is pictures!

It's actually pretty difficult to make food look appetizing, surprisingly enough. It seems like there are always splashes or splots or crumbs to deal with. But I did what I could with the not-so-abundant natural light we have around here (cloudy, cloudy, cloudy, every single day), and now my borscht post (scroll down) has some pictures.

Another post is coming later today, with actual content, so check back!

1 comment:

julia said...

super beet pictures! (use of super is intentional.) i'm making a beet salad today, and some tvorog. mmmm.