22 June 2007

A pocket full of mumbles - such are promises

Didn't I promise I would write? And post pictures?

Well... oops! I'm really busy here in Ulan Ude, and since being here only three weeks feels kind of like a vacation, I haven't been inclined to spend much of my free time working at my computer. (In fact, we went to Baikal almost a week ago and I still haven't even managed to upload my pictures from my camera!) I apologize to anyone who feels they've been left hanging (probably only my mom and dad), but I swear that I'll make the effort to update at least once before I leave (in a week). I can't promise pictures, because unless the internet feels like being fast, uploading to photobucket and then from there to blogger is actually a huge pain. But I'll try.

This place is really, really amazing. Baikal was awesome. Ulan Ude is awesome. Our hosts at Buryat State University are awesome. When I write my real update, I'll try to think of more descriptive adjectives than "awesome," but for now at least you can get an idea of how happy I am to be here. :)

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