15 August 2006


Yesterday my teacher enlightened me that the nun who scolded me probably said Вам кто позволил? ("Who permitted you to do this?") not Вам кто позвонил? ("Who phoned you?") like I thought. So I guess she really was yelling at me about taking her picture, and not trying to convince me to become a nun.

Mystery: solved!

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Anonymous said...

hey Leslie! just wanted to wish you a happy 22nd birthday today! hope all is well with the nun and in Russia! have a great trip!

Dear Leslie,
Happy, happy birthday! 22 years ago today, your dad flew to Shelby Airport after Uncle Tim dropped me off there. We flew to Washingotn and I saw you later that day in the hospital. You were just a few hours old. A cute little bug. Grandpa and I send you much love and kisses!
Grandma R. and Grandpa too!