30 July 2006

I made it!

I'm really tired. I saw Red Square and the Kremlin. St. Basil's looks like Disney World. I must find out when it was built. I've done a lot of walking and not very much talking (in Russian), although I was delivered a slight when ordering dinner. I got the "price point," which is where the cashier concludes your Russian is so bad that he doesn't bother to tell you the price of your purchase, he just turns the price display on the register toward you and points. Ouch. My Russian could stand a lot of improvement, that's for sure.

I'm almost out of net-cafe time, so I'll just add one other thing. The Russians on the flight completely disregarded the fasten-seatbelts sign and roamed the cabin whenever they wanted. That seems so Russian to me - I think it's a cultural "thing" to ignore rules they don't deem pertinent, especially when there's no chance of reprimand.

Ack! Must go!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Gramp and Grandma are looking at your blog, with my help. We decided to post a comment. They say hi and good luck!
-- MomCat and G & G

^u3a said...

Dobro pozhalovatj v Rossii. :-)

My Russian education has led me to believe that most Russian activities occur "v Kremle" (or "doma" or "na pochty" for some reason), so be sure to go inside & participate. :-)

Hope things are well there. Can't wait to hear about your karazy adventures. Miss you already!

<3, L